Miniature Books and Memorial Cards are also available. Both may contain a copy of the original inscription as it appears in the Book of Remembrance, inscribed by the same artists and craftsmen. They are suitable for sending to relatives and friends who may be unable to visit the Crematorium or as a personal keepsake.

Miniature Books are hand-bound, covered in grey suede and the cover embossed with the word ‘Remembrance’. They have several pages and may contain a number of entries and/or othersuitable wording, such as a favourite poem.

  Remembrance Books / Miniature Books
  Memorial Cards   Memorial Cards  

Memorial Cards are available in three designs:
a) wild rose b) poppies c) embossed. They
may contain one or two inscriptions from the
Books of Remembrance. Miniature Books and Memorial Cards are despatched within 4 weeks of receipt of order.


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