The Book of Remembrance is displayed on an anniversary system and is usually divided into 3 or 4 volumes to cover the year. Typically each opening shows one day of the year. Inscriptions are written by hand in a calligraphic style chosen by the client, once established, this calligraphic hand is used throughout the volumes to achieve consistency in the appearance of the pages.

The Books are hand bound using traditional methods and materials designed to last for many years in much the same way as medieval manuscripts. The covers are made from leather or vellum and decorated with a Coat of Arms, if appropriate, or other suitable designs. We would produce a sketch of the cover design for your approval before commencing the binding.

Inscriptions consist of between 2 and 8 lines and entries of 5 lines or more may be embellished with a badge or motif. These may vary from floral motifs and military badges to birds and animals and other personalised emblems.

Crematoria: Books of Remembrance

The Books are displayed in purpose built display cabinets which may show the Books open and closed.

In order that relatives and friends may see the inscription at anytime, and not just on the anniversary date, entries may now be viewed using the on screen memorials system. This shows a digital image of the inscription either on-line or through a screen in a cabinet in the Book of Remembrance room.

Miniature Books and Memorials Cards are also available. They may contain a copy of the inscription from the Book of Remembrance. They are suitable for sending to relatives and friends who may be unable to visit the Crematorium or as a personal keepsake.

Crematoria: Books of Remembrance   Crematoria: Books of Remembrance

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