The use of natural timber veneers ensures that each plaque is unique and creates an overall impression of warmth, a feeling so often missing from other memorials. Arboria offers a unique fusion of precision engraved lettering and the craftsmanship of the illustrator. In addition to text, plaques can be embellished by motifs, either plain line drawings or alternatively illustrations enhanced by hand rendering in colour. Ceramic portraits may also be included in the design.

  Indoor Plaques: Arboria
  Indoor Plaques: Arboria   Indoor Plaques: Arboria    

In designing Arboria, much attention has been paid to the ease of fixing and removal of individual plaques. Grouping individual plaques within a single frame offers numerous
benefits such as: Low-cost start-up, quick installation, tamperproof frames, minimum damage to walls, simple alignment of plaques,
scheme can be easily extended, no visible fixings on face of plaque, easy fixing, removal and repositioning.


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